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This year’s Enrichment in the Fall program ‘Designing Tomorrow’ provides an opportunity to interact and reflect on current developments that will transform our lives in the future.

We welcome to KAUST creative minds from around the world to inspire you with the transformative power of design. They will share with us some of the most outstanding success stories of design, and also failure as part of the process.

Shaping Tomorrow

Design builds on new knowledge and innovation to transform, sometimes in radical ways, our lives. Designers imagine not only how the object will serve the function, but also the way the user experience can be optimized depending on our culture, sensitivity, and individual lifestyles. Doing so, design is at the cross over of technological breakthrough and society changes. 

Open up your mind to inspiration and surprise with unexpected powerful ideas that will spark your imagination and encourage you to contribute to the designs that will shape our tomorrow. 

This Program is chaired by Gilles Lubineau, Professor of mechanical engineering at KAUST,  and led by Marie-Laure Boulot, Manager of the Enrichment Office. 


The KAUST Enrichment Programs are educational programs open to all members of the KAUST community and invited guests.

Keynote lectures, exhibitions, personal and professional development events, as well as cultural, academic, and entrepreneurial events, will create inspiring and entertaining opportunities.

There is something for everyone!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Digital Design Exhibition - Tuesday

Location: Building 20, Lobby

Come visit Strate's school of design exhibition curated by Dominique Sciamma, managing director at Strate School of Design.  Join us at the Opening Night on Monday, October 22 from 5 ... more
  Mangroves - Between the Land and the Sea Photo Exhibition Mangrove forests protect our shores from rises in the sea level, help mitigate climate change by sequestering high amounts of CO2 in ... more

Museum of Failure Pop-up Exhibition - Tuesday

Location: Building 20, Lobby

Come visit this pop up exhibition of the Museum of Failure in Sweden.  This exhibition will be displayed from Sunday, October 22 to Wednesday, October 25, 2017.  We value your feedb ... more
Keynote speaker Dominique Sciamma - Director at Strate school of design in France - will be interviewed for KAUST Live series. The video will play live on KAUST's Facebook. This is your chance to a ... more
Samuel West is a licensed clinical psychologist and museum Curator of the Museum of Failure in Sweden. Samuel will give a guided tour through a curated selection of designs from the Museum ... more
The Winter Enrichment Program is our flagship event taking place each year in January. Join us as we unveil this WEP 2018 exciting theme of "HUMAN-MACHINE FUTURE". You will learn more about the ... more

Women in Science - Webinar

Location: Building 19, Level 3, Conference Hall 3

Peer-to-peer Mentoring and Building a Developmental Network Young female scientists face overwhelming pressures as they prepare for their careers. The number of scientists with PhDs is rising while ... more
Samuel West is a licensed clinical psychologist and museum Curator of the Museum of Failure in Sweden. Samuel will give a guided tour through a curated selection of designs from ... more
Sci-Café is a lively and interactive discussion between KAUST scientists and community members held in a casual setting. Join the conversation on how KAUST faculty are designing tomorrow wit ... more

Complementary Nanny Services - Tuesday 24

Location: Building 20, VIP Room / Level 3

To help parents enjoy Ann Makosinski's keynote lecture, an exceptional free babysitting service will be offered from 5:15 pm to 7:00 pm. Refreshments will be provided. In order to complete y ... more

The Science and Art of Invention - Keynote

Location: Building 20, Auditorium

Ann Makosinski is a 19 years old student and inventor who's been featured in Forbes and Times 30 under 30, Intel and Google Science Fair Winner. During this lecture, Ann will talk about her fi ... more