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 KAUST students and the Innovation and Economic Development at KAUST organized in 2017 the TEDxKAUST event 'Impact Factor.' This TEDx event aimed to unleash the personal touch of KAUST community members (students, faculty, and staff), as they reflect on their life experiences on a TEDx stage. The aim was to redefine the term Impact Factor as a qualitative measure of one’s impact on the people and community around them.

 Visit the TEDxKAUST website to learn more about this event.  

Watch the talks   

 Impact of Human Experience | Amal Dokhan
Design thinking expert Amal Dokhan shares personal stories that led her to a life of impact and innovation.

 Transformative Moments | Andy Vasily

He saw the dark road to his family’s history and decided to define his own narrative. How staying active helped Andy shape his own journey.

Learning Dangerously | Cabby Tennis
What is a collective adventure and how do we open ourselves up to it? Educator Cabby Tennis shares his globe-trotting lessons in risk-taking.

Communicating Science in the Post-Truth Era | Claire Sale
Calling all scientists: the gap between your research and the public is easier than ever to bridge! The new ways to make research shareable, accessible and benefit your own work.

 Corals, Climate and Time | Manuel Aranda:
What are corals? What makes them so special, and how does coral bleaching even happen? Professor Manuel Aranda talks about what we can do to save this beautiful ecosystem.

 Unlocking Salt Water | Mark Tester
Tough tomatoes, wild grains, salt-tolerant quinoa; plants are superheroes of nature! KAUST Professor Mark Tester on the discoveries that could turbocharge future food production.

 Why We Do What We Do? | Muhammad Mustafa Hussain
KAUST Professor Hussain on the simple observations of everyday life, that engineer game-changing technologies.

 A Mountain of Impact | Nadhmi Al Nasr
Nadhmi Al Nasr, interim President at KAUST, shares his formula for leadership and valuable lessons from his early days working at Aramco.

Give Them a Smile | Itsikiantsoa Randrianantenaina
After years abroad, she couldn’t believe what she saw when returning home. See KAUST student Itsiki’s emotional story on educating children in Madagascar.