What is the Winter Enrichment Program?

WEP 2017 Keynote Speaker H.E. Ali Al-Naimi


About WEP

The annual Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) is one of the hallmarks of KAUST. WEP is a two- week program whose primary purpose is to enrich and inspire the University's students and KAUST community members, as well as academic and industrial partners who are all invited to join. It is mandatory for KAUST students to register for WEP once during their degree studies.​

The whole University becomes involved in one of the most exciting programs of the year, including lectures, courses, workshops, seminars, field trips, and special events in the main categories of Academic, Skills, Personal & Professional Development, Cultural and Recreational. The program hosts KAUST speakers, eminent international guest speakers, Nobel Laureates, entrepreneurs, academics, as well as distinguished local and regional leaders and decision-makers.

WEP is built in collaboration with KAUST Students, Faculty, Community Members, Alumni and Industrial Partners who are invited to submit proposals each year. During a very competitive selection process the WEP Review Committee, considers the scientific and technological aspects of the proposals, as well as their enriching and inspiring nature.

In addition, KAUST Industrial Partners, WEP Sponsors, Undergraduates from around the world (through Undergraduate Poster Competition) and In-Kingdom students from leading universities in Saudi Arabia are invited to join through a specific program.

If you are interested in volunteering for WEP, please fill out this online form or contact the WEP team, email contactwep@kaust.edu.sa.


Students for Credits

All students (MS & PhD) have to participate in the KAUST Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) for credits once during their studies at KAUST.

Credits will only be granted during a single WEP program and students must register for 30 credit offerings and all mandatory keynote lectures.

Students who do not complete their attendance requirements for WEP do not graduate. 


WEP 2019

Will take place in January 13-24, 2019

The theme of this program will be ' TIME' and will be chaired by Professor Valerio Orlando from the Division of Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering. 

WEP is driven by the KAUST community and we would like to invite everyone to submit proposal(s) for an event, lecture, workshop etc. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 12, 2018.