Enrichment in the Fall 2017

Save the Date for the KAUST Enrichment in the Fall Program 'Designing Tomorrow', October 20-25, 2017. In Collaboration with the 2017 Enrichment Programs Chair Gilles Lubineau, Professor Mechanical Engineering. ...

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Enrichment in the Fall 2017

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Pioneers On-Air

Pioneers On-Air consists of a 20-minute live interview and a 10-minute Q&A with the audience on Facebook. Watch our keynote pioneers’ interviews on our Youtube channel. ...

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Pioneers On-Air

The Beacon Newspaper

The last issue of The Beacon is out! The July 2017 edition of The Beacon features a year's worth of stories, events and much more from Enrichment in the Fall, Winter and Spring. To read The Beacon Newspaper click on the 'Learn More' button. ...

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The Beacon Newspaper

WEP 2018

KAUST Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2018, chaired by Omar Knio, professor of Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, will have the theme of “Human-Machine Future.” WEP 2018 will be unveiled in October 24, 2017 and the final schedule of the program will be released in early November. ...

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WEP 2018

Enrichment Office


The Office of Enrichment Programs, under the umbrella of the office of Academic Affairs and led by Marie-Laure Boulot, produces three exciting programs during the year: the two week-long Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) and the Enrichment in the Spring and Enrichment in the Fall shorter programs.

Our mission is to enrich KAUST students, faculty and community members, as well as invited students and faculty from the Kingdom and guests from around the world. Our speakers include top leaders in the fields of science, business, education and culture. From science and technology lectures, engaging keynotes and workshops to arts and community activities, we have something for everyone. 


New Students

All students (MS & PhD) have to participate in Winter Enrichment Program for credit once during their studies at KAUST.

Credits will only be granted during a single WEP program and you must register for 30 credit offerings and all mandatory keynote lectures. Students who do not complete their attendance requirements for WEP do not graduate.

To learn more about WEP 2018 don't miss the KAUST Student Orientation Week - August 13-17, 2017.  


KAUST's Winter Enrichment Program (known as WEP) is a two-weeks innovative interlude program that offers academic lectures and workshops, skills & entrepreneurial training, and cultural & recreational events, not normally found in the academic program. Since it first started in 2010, WEP has become a much-anticipated time of the year for the entire community.

WEP 2018 will return from January 14-25 under the leadership of the new Chair Prof. Omar Knio and will have the theme of "Human-Machine Future."  WEP 2018 will be unveiled in October 24, 2017 and the final schedule of the program will be released in early November. Read our new booklet to discover more about WEP!

Pioneers on Air

Watch online the Pioneers On-Air interviews to our keynote speakers:

MIT physicist and writer Alan Lightman;  British adventurer and 2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys; Eric Fossum, inventor of the CMOS image sensor now used in billions of cameras; plastic surgeon Laurent Lantieri, who performed the first full-face transplantation; South African contemporary artist Mbongeni Buthelezi; and Mike Bruton who talked about the contributions of Muslim scientists to the golden age of Islam.

Upcoming Events

  • Enrichment in the Fall 'Designing Tomorrow'

    20-25 October 2017

  • Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2018

    Human-Machine Future

    14-25 January 2018

  • New Students Orientation

    Don't miss the WEP presentation on August 16 at 10am, 2017 and the WEP booth on August 17, 2017 from 5pm to 7pm at the Students Center.



Speakers (Ed Stone, Voyager Project Scientist) range from Nobel laureates to distinguished local and regional dignitaries who have created a significant impact worldwide through business, science and/or innovation. Read More...


Events such as Poster Competitions, Science Fair, Alumni Lecture Series give the opportunity to the students to share their work and discoveries.


Inspiring in-Kingdom and regional business speakers discuss the trends and opportunities related to business in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.


We offer signature events like the Film Festival, the Farmers Market, Discover Saudi Arabia program and our special musical performances.


Catch Up on Past Events

WEP On-Air
WEP 2017 Keynotes
Tom Skalak, Allen Family Foundation
Science of Storytelling - Winning film
Chef Bernd Arold – Interview
STEAM – Two-Day Innovation Challenge