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Enrichment Office

Artists in Labs

We are proud to introduce the sixth artist to participate in the artists-in-labs KAUST-Swiss Residency Exchange, Nasser Al-Salem. The Jeddah-based artist is now working with researchers of the Complex Materials Group, Department of Materials, ETH Zürich until June 2019. Discover more about Nasser's work and the artists-in-labs program.


A new TEDxKAUST event will be held in 2019, more information and event dates will be announced soon. The theme of the 2017 TEDxKAUST event, Impact Factor -organized by KAUST students and the Innovation Center- aimed at unleashing the personal touch of KAUST community members as they reflect on their life experiences. Learn more.

What is WEP?

The annual Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) is one of the hallmarks of KAUST. WEP is a two-week program whose primary purpose is to enrich and inspire the University's students and KAUST community members, as well as academic and industrial partners who are all invited to join. The Chair and theme of WEP 2020 will be announced soon.

Watch the WEP 2019 Keynotes and Lectures

The WEP speakers include top leaders in the fields of science, business, education, and culture. You can watch anytime and anywhere the keynote lectures, lunch-time lectures, and panel discussions on our YouTube channel. Watch now the keynotes and talks of WEP 2019 on YouTube

Watch the WEP 2019 KAUST Live Interviews

KAUST Live consists of a 20-minute live interview and a 10 minute Q&A with the audience live-streamed at KAUST's Facebook page and YouTube. The speaker will have a chance to talk about his topic in a more personal way. Watch the interviews with the speakers of WEP 2019

WEP 2020

The two-week Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) will return in 2020 from January 12 to 23 under the theme ‘Personalized Medicine’. The WEP 2020 Call for Proposals is now closed. The WEP Committee will be reviewing your proposal(s) between May, June, and July. Then, you will receive a notification to inform you if your proposal has been selected or non-selected during the summer.


Keynote Lecture Series

Speakers range from Nobel laureates to distinguished local and regional dignitaries who have created a significant impact worldwide through business, science and/or innovation. Read More...

Interactive Activities

Events such as Poster Competitions, Science Fair, Alumni Lecture Series give the opportunity to the students to share their work and discoveries.

Lecture Series

Inspiring in-Kingdom and regional business speakers discuss the trends and opportunities related to business in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Cultural Events

We offer signature events like exhibitions, the film festival, the farmers market, workshops and our special musical performances.


Catch Up on Past Events

KAUST Live Interviews
WEP 2019 Keynotes & Lectures
Special Events
Highlights of WEP 2019
Chef Bernd Arold – Interview
STEAM – Two-Day Innovation Challenge