Science Fair



Showcase Your Science at KAUST!

The Science Fair will be back in 2021 under the theme 'Connectivity.' Find out more about WEP 2021.

Every year during WEP, the Science Fair brings technology and science to the KAUST community and local schools. The Science Fair is an opportunity for the wider KAUST community and visitors to learn about science, technology, and innovation taking place in the research centers and labs at KAUST.

The scientists and researchers bring science and research out of their labs to interact with the KAUST community and local schools. School students from The KAUST Schools (Elementary and Secondary) also take part by showcasing a series of experiments and demonstrations, and by competing in different age categories. 

During the past ten years, WEP has showcased more than 275 scientific experiments from many different fields. WEP has awarded 109 winners since 2010, and each year, the top innovations are recognized during an awards ceremony. 

The Science Fair is an excellent opportunity to come and learn about science at KAUST!

WEP Science Fair 2020 

WEP Science Fair 2020 has showcased more than 75 scientific experiments from many different fields. WEP has awarded 22 winners.

Research Center Awards

Graduate Student Awards

High School Awards

In-Kingdom School Awards

Elementary Schools Award

  •  Advanced Membranes & Porous Materials Center
  • Mohammed Alsenani
  • Majed Alawami
  • Rawan Alyahya
  • Mohammed Alsenani
  • Amalia Richtarikova
  • Tai Vasily
  • Yazan Barakat
  • Mohammed Mandurah
  • Beatrice Rueping
  • Karen Khatib
  • Mohammed Marwan Aljahdali
  • Feras F. Altwyjri
  • Abdulrahman M. Alharbi
  • Yousif T. Aljahdali
  • Badr M. Almuhammadi
  • Badea S. Aljadani
  • Freya Olson
  • Iria Martin
  • Zahra Malik
  • Ayaulym Serikkydy
  • Bayan Ltaief
  • Matty Loucks


Discover more about the WEP Science Fair 2020, read the booklet.