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Sponsorship Opportunities



Partner with us to reach new audiences. KAUST invites journalists to attend WEP, resulting in extensive positive media exposure for our messages and sponsors. This is complemented by promotion across KAUST’s internally and externally owned channels. We harness the latest digital trends, posting Instagram stories and live streaming on Facebook and YouTube. In addition to high profile visibility on key areas of our website, internal newsletters and KAUST’s website, our reputation for innovation and inclusion reaches a huge audience through both positive journalism and our presence on social media.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities with us email enrichment.management@kaust.edu.sa.

WEP 2022

The 2022 Winter Enrichment Program at KAUST will run from January 9 to 20. Our theme is Resilience.

WEP 2022 will be a hybrid program consisting of both virtual and physical events on campus

In January 2021, WEP digital activity across all channels achieved:

7,000,000 social media impressions

210,000 total social media engagements

540,0000 views on YouTube and Facebook

1,275,000 Twitter impressions

83,000 accounts reached on Instagram

5,115,000 accounts reached on Facebook

130,000 LinkedIn impressions