Students for Credits


Rules for KAUST Students

All students (MS & Ph.D.) participate in WEP for credit at least once during their studies at KAUST.

For WEP 2021, new students must register for credited events and all mandatory events. Make sure you plan your holiday flights accordingly to be on time for WEP. 

Some workshops may require attendance at more than one session. These sessions must be attended in full of attaining credit.

If an event is canceled, an email announcement will be sent to enrolled participants regarding event replacement.

Students who do not complete their attendance requirements for WEP do not graduate.

If you decide you will not attend an event you have registered for, be sure to visit the event listing online and unregister.



If you are attending WEP for credit purposes, make sure you have registered for:

30 credits and All mandatory events

Mandatory events are events where a) your attendance is required and b) don’t have a credit value. 

*Missing one mandatory event will result in failing the program. Remember that credits must be completed at a single WEP program and cannot be completed across more than one program/year. 

 If you have any questions; please feel free to email us at contactwep@kaust.edu.sa