WEP 2022 Chairs

I am thrilled to announce that the 2022 Winter Enrichment Program at KAUST (WEP) will run from January 9 to 20 under the theme ‘Resilience’. Associate Professor Peiying Hong will be the WEP Chair and Assistant Professor Derya Baran will be the co-Chair. 


Peiying Hong is an associate professor of Environmental Science and Engineering at KAUST’s Water Desalination and Reuse, Biological and Environmental Science and Engineering (BESE) Division. Professor Hong’s research interests include molecular microbiology and microbial aspects in water and wastewater ecosystems. Her research aims to understand the roles and interactions of microorganisms in these ecosystems, and to utilize the insights to solve issues related to water quality and water reuse. Professor Hong’s research also looks at the biotic contaminants (e.g. antibiotic resistance genes, mobile genetic elements, pathogens) that are present in natural and engineered environments.



Derya Baran is an assistant professor of Material Science and Engineering at KAUST’s KAUST Solar Center, Physical Science and Engineering Division. Baran's research interests lie in the area of solution-processable organic/hybrid soft materials for electronic devices. Such soft semiconductor materials possess a viable platform for printed, large area, stretchable and wearable electronics that can be used as solar cells, smart windows, OFETs, thermoelectrics, sensors, and bio-electronics.


WEP is a two-week program that creates a lively and engaging atmosphere, taking us away from our regular activities and bringing together the KAUST students, community, in-Kingdom visitors, and eminent speakers from around the world. The success of WEP depends upon the enthusiasm and creativity of everyone. I look forward to the 2022 WEP program.

Please join me and the Enrichment Program team in thanking Peiying and Derya for agreeing to lead the 2022 program.


Professor Lawrence Carin

KAUST Provost