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Thursday, February 10, 2022

Provide the students with a broad introduction to entrepreneurship with a particular emphasis on inspiring them to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Lunch 2/7

Location: St. Helena Vessel

The sun is a never ending energy source and it is sustainable. So why we still do not use it fully and how we can further include it in our daily lives? This session will introduce solar energy and ho ... more

Podcast/Project/writing 2/7

Location: St. Helena Vessel

Training in using podcasts/writing/projects as creative forms of public engagement able to produce more impactful and inclusive methods of public dissemination

The session will include: 1) impacts at the individual level (e.g., eco-anxiety, implications for clinical practice); 2) impacts at the community level (e.g., migration).

Panel talk hosted by Dr. Rob Philips

Followed by an activity about leveraging communities' knowledge and skills through design practice and research

Presenting the application of citizen science through the MyNatureWatch project and a selection of BBC Springwatch series