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Saturday, January 15, 2011

WEP Official Opening

Location: Auditorium Bldg. 20

By Alyn Rockwood | James Calvin

The (Acting) Provost and Chairman of the WEP Programme Committee will welcome the KAUST Community to the official opening of the WEP 2011. Refreshments will be served.

Welcome Lecture: Where is Chemistry heading?

Location: Auditorium Bldg. 20

By Bengt Nordén

Chemistry is known as the science of making molecules - that is putting atoms together with strong bonds. However, in the world of molecules also the much weaker interactions between different molecul ... more

KAUST Museum Tour

Location: Museum

By WEP Team

The Museum celebrates the contributions of Muslim scholars to science and technology during the first Golden Age of Islam from the year 650 to 1650. These Muslim scholars include amongst them the grea ... more
The writing and publishing of scientific papers lies at the core of the scientific process. It is crucial to individual researchers, as well as the scientific institutes and organizations that employ ... more

Sunset Boat Cruise

Location: Harbour Marina

By WEP Team

Please note that registration for the boat cruises are to be done ONLY through the Coastline. Registration through WEP website will not be counted. In addition, please note there is a fee of 100SR for ... more

Piano from the Starting Line

Location: Harbor Secondary School

By Courtney Malone

This class will introduce beginners to the basics of playing the piano. Students will enjoy the camaraderie of a classroom environment. No previous musical experience required.

Still Finding Science in Finding Nemo

Location: Auditorium Bldg. 20

By Michael L. Berumen

In last year's WEP course, we explored some of the scientific "fact vs. fiction" to be found in the ever-popular movie "Finding Nemo". Set on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia we follow the adventur ... more