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Sunday, January 23, 2011
The Economic Development Entrepreneurship Center and the WEP 2011 committee are pleased to announce a new partnership with Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management to offer a Certificate Prog ... more

Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC I)

Location: Building 9

By Benoit Marchand

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce KAUST students - and as this is WEP any other curious minded person wishing to learn about super-computing is most welcome to join - to High Performance Com ... more

KAUST Study Group in Mathematics for Industry

Location: TBA

By WEP Team


Mathematical Modeling of Metamaterials Electromagnetics 1/3

Location: Building 9

By Jichun Li

The purpose of this lecture series is to introduce the most recent progress in mathematical modeling of metamaterials and its potential applications. The electromagnetic metamaterials are artificially ... more

Poverty in the Nation of Social Sponsorship?

Location: TBA

By WEP Team


Steps to Successful Roommate Relationships

Location: Building 18. Fellowship Room on the 4th floor.

By Randy Moredock

This workshop presents steps to developing and maintaining a successful relationship with your roommate(s).

Viz. 2 -Scientific Data Visualization using VISIT

Location: TBA

By WEP Team


Visualization Laboratory Open House

Location: Building #1 Level 2 East Entrance Showcase Area

By WEP Team

Demonstrations will be provided of KVL visualization systems, including the NexCAVE immersive visualization system, Autostereoscopy Tile Display, Ulta-Narrow bezel display wall, and power-walls. Demon ... more

Introduction to MATLAB

Location: Campus Library

By Soheyb Kouider

The word MATLAB is the abbreviation of “Matrix Laboratory”. It is a powerful programming language designed for technical and scientific computations. This course will introduce the tool and then be ta ... more

Music Workshop by Samite

Location: Auditorium

By Samite Mulondo

Samite's workshop will provide an opportunity for students to experience his music through instruments, rhythms and melodies of East Africa.
Harnessing the Power of the Whole Brain to Enhance Learning

Violin Class

Location: Student Center Bldg.18 cConference room 4223

By Yuhong Kuang

This 1-hour daily class given for two weeks will introduce the beginning student to the art of violin playing. Hands-on experience with the instrument will allow the student to appreciate the complexi ... more

Music Workshop

Location: Harbor Secondary School

By Richard Swann

What makes music tick? How is music made and how does it work? Have you ever wondered why you do or don’t like a piece of music? These are some of the underlying questions that this lecture will exami ... more

The Birth of Quantum Mechanics 2/2

Location: TBA

By WEP Team