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Monday, January 31, 2011

Poetry Reading

Location: Auditorium Bldg. 20

By Ahmad Kadoura | Magriet Ruurs | Naomi Nye

This evening of poetry reading will feature our two guests from the KAUST Schools who this week are working with the children on their own poetry workshop. Ms. Nye and Ms. Ruurs will each share excerp ... more

Symbiosis - from organisms to the planet

Location: Building 9

By John Cheeseman

All organisms on earth occur in some sort of symbiotic relationship with other organisms, and symbiosis was probably critical for the colonization of land by multicellular organisms. Today, symbiosis ... more

The Art of Being a Scientist

Location: TBA

By WEP Team


Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization

Location: TBA

By WEP Team


KAUST Museum Tour

Location: Museum

By WEP Team

The Museum celebrates the contributions of Muslim scholars to science and technology during the first Golden Age of Islam from the year 650 to 1650. These Muslim scholars include amongst them the grea ... more
World wide, food security is increasingly endangered by the combination of rapidly increasing numbers of people to feed and biotic and abiotic stresses which limit or reduce capacities for food produc ... more

Surviving the Ph.D. Dissertation

Location: Building 18. Fellowship Room on the 4th floor.

By Randy Moredock

Completing research for and writing a dissertation or master’s thesis can be very challenging. Some people become so anxious about the process that they can’t find a way to proceed with their work. Th ... more

Fine-Tune your Resumé

Location: Building 9

By Erica Jolly

Learn how to write a dynamic, eye-catching resume in preparation for post-graduate job hunting.

Saudi Culture & It's Implications on Business

Location: Building 9 Lecture hall 1

By Khalid Suliman Alrajhi

Sunset Boat Cruise

Location: Harbour Marina

By WEP Team

Please note that registration for the boat cruises are to be done ONLY through the Coastline. Registration through WEP website will not be counted. In addition, please note there is a fee of 100SR for ... more

WEP Closing Ceremony

Location: Harbor Walk

By WEP Team

Traditional dress is encouraged.;;PROGRAM;7:30 PM Both Choirs parade down to the Harbor Walk dressed in national costumes;7:35 PM performance begins;7:50 PM opening remarks by Prof. Alyn Rockwood, WEP ... more