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The KAUST 2012 Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) will be held January 14-29, 2012 with a special opening evening on January 13. WEP aims to broaden our intellectual horizons and stretch our collective imaginations. Through an expansive offering of courses, workshops, lectures and cultural and recreational activities, WEP is a time to discover new fields of interest and to be inspired.


Sunday, January 22, 2012
The Chinese dumpling-making masters will teach you how to make the most popular Chinese food at KAUST: dumplings.;;You will learn it side by side with the Chinese people in a real kitchen environment. ... more

Managing Teams for Innovation and Success

Location: Auditorium - Between Building 2 & 3 (across from Lina's Cafe, Level 0)

Managing or participating in a team-based work environment can be either exhilarating or exasperating. Given the potential benefits and pitfalls of using teams, when should you use them, how do you ch ... more

Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC)

Location: Building 9 - Lecture Hall 2325

The purpose of this proposed seminar is to introduce participants to High Performance Computing technology, so that upon completion they may tackle simple performance tuning problems on their own.;;Hi ... more
Social networks have already emerged as a significant medium for the widespread distribution of news and instructions in mass convergence events such as the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election, the 2009 P ... more

LC-MS and its application in drug discovery

Location: Building 9 - 3128

Mass spectrometry has become the dominant tool throughout the drug discovery / development continuum. This short course will offers an overview of mass spectrometry in drug target identification, drug ... more

Nutrient Dynamics in Wetlands (Water treatment plant tour)

Location: Building 9 - 3224

Introduction on natural wetlands: what are wetlands, where are wetlands, wetland ecology, biodiversity, and economics. The role of wetlands in the catchment: general aspects, hydrological aspects, wet ... more

Top Things to See and Do in Saudi Arabia Before You Leave

Location: Building 9 - Lecture Hall 2322

Which places should you see and what should you do before you leave Saudi Arabia? If you are only going to be here for a limited time, what experiences should you go back with? Which places should you ... more

Introduction to Pencil Drawing/Sketching A

Location: Building 9 - 2131

These Drawing Classes are meant to give an introduction to students on how to draw every day objects in a realistic way. Principals will be taught and then practiced by the students during the class. ... more
This is intended to be a short overview of how inventions advance from basic research in universities and government labs to impact consumers, markets, and economic development. Topics covered will in ... more

Debating Skills in a Multicultural Environment

Location: Building 19 - Conference Room

Students will be guided through polite and frequently used methods and phrases for: agreeing / disagreeing/ interrupting / demonstrating interest. Following this, they will take part in a debate in or ... more

Finite Element Tutorial with Comsol Multiphysics

Location: Library - Computer Room

The finite element method has become a method of choice for computational engineering and science simulations. This hands-on tutorial will focus on the interactive development of finite element applic ... more

Coral Reefs - Underwater treasure troves

Location: Building 9 - Lecture Hall 2322

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and complex marine ecosystems. They are vitally important for many marine species and also essential to millions of people worldwide. At the same time, coral re ... more

Poster Session

Location: Campus Library

KAUST launched its first *International Research Poster Competition for Undergraduates* (October-November, 2011).;;We received more than 300 submissions from around the globe.;;50 top-authors were sel ... more
Since 2001, Enthought's mission has been to significantly improve the way scientific computing is accomplished by providing powerful tools for quantitative data analysis and visualization. With a rang ... more