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5th Edition of the Annual Winter Enrichment Program will be held from 11th to 29th January, 2013

This year saw a total of more than 170 different events take place over a three week period, including keynote lectures, academic lectures and courses, cultural events, recreation events, workshops, exhibitions, skills training and field trips. Over 2000 participants took part and benefitted from the exciting and diverse program of events, enriching, inspiring and broadening their horizons. 

WEP's mission is to enrich and to inspire and broaden students' and the community's experience at KAUST with events and projects beyond the traditional academic curriculum. 
As a direct result of KAUST community's proposals, distinguished speakers and experts from around the world, the region, and our own University are invited to contribute to this program to have our intellectual horizons enlarged and our collective imaginations stretched.
I would like to thank you all the WEP supporters for your participation and contribution towards making it a huge success in this fourth year of the program. 

WEP 2013 Supporters 
We would also like to thank our sponsors who have made a significant impact on the success of WEP 2013. 

WEP 2013 sponsors 
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Saturday, January 12, 2013

MANDATORY: Opening session

Location: Building 9 Lecture Hall # 2325

By James Mcdonald

11am-12pm one hour launch of the competition An on-line competition open to all! There are 10 mathematical problems (pitched at an academic level) which can be solved analytically or by using compute ... more

Water Sustainability Symposium

Location: Spine Auditorium - between Buildings 4 & 5

By James Mcdonald

Jarir Story Going Public – A Family Perspective - Business Leadership Series

Location: Building 9/ Lecture Hall I # 2322

By Abdullah Almojel | Muhammad Alagil

Jarir Marketing Co (JMC) is a local success story and a great example of a successful family business that went public. Today JMC enjoys a market capitalization of SAR 9.2 billion and operates 32 spe ... more

How to Build a Simple Radar (From Theory to Practical Design)

Location: Building 9 Lab # 4128

By John Lipor | Sajid Ahmed

One lecture (1h) and four sessions (3h each) The event will mimic the MIT OpenCourseWare course entitled, “Build a Small Radar System Capable of Sensing Range, Doppler, and Synthetic Aperture Radar I ... more

WEP 2013 Guitar Classes - Beginners

Location: Building 20 Level 2 Rehearsal Room

By Eghard Volchenk

Course aimed at beginners, teaching them all the basic skills they need to play the guitar. Students will be able to play a few songs after 2 weeks. Basic Guitar Chords; Open Chords, TAB, Chord Diagra ... more

Arabic Class - Beginners

Location: Building 9, Classroom # 3221

By Muhammed Al-Jahsh

5-day Arabic course held during WEP Week 1. Students will get certification at the end of the course.

Guitar Classes - Advanced

Location: Building 20 Level 2 Rehearsal Room

By Eghard Volchenk

Linear Improvisation for Guitarist: Rock, Jazz and Blues. How to use Modes, Scales, Pentatonics and Jazz Lines. Advanced Jazz Harmony. Advanced Playing Techniques, Plectrum and Fingerstyle. Music and ... more

WEP Opening Night: Art Installation Inauguration – “The Expanding Club”

Location: Rotunda, Building 16 and plaza

By Janet Echelman | WEP Team

Art Installation – Fish Netting “The Expanding Club,” with Keynote American artist, Janet Echelman. Program: Unveiling of the Sculpture Ribbon cutting Light dinner Note: Janet Echelman's keynote le ... more

Golf Putting Competition

Location: Safaa Golf Club

By Laurence Byrne

Complete 6 tricky putting holes in as few stroke as possible. Winner will be the individual with the fewest number of strokes and will receive a Safaa Golf Club branded polo shirt of their choice. F ... more

Keynote - Taking Imagination Seriously

Location: Building 20 Auditorium

By Janet Echelman

American artist, Janet Echelman, reshapes urban airspace with monumental, fluidly moving sculptures that respond to environmental forces including wind, water, and sunlight. She has constructed net sc ... more