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5th Edition of the Annual Winter Enrichment Program will be held from 11th to 29th January, 2013

This year saw a total of more than 170 different events take place over a three week period, including keynote lectures, academic lectures and courses, cultural events, recreation events, workshops, exhibitions, skills training and field trips. Over 2000 participants took part and benefitted from the exciting and diverse program of events, enriching, inspiring and broadening their horizons. 

WEP's mission is to enrich and to inspire and broaden students' and the community's experience at KAUST with events and projects beyond the traditional academic curriculum. 
As a direct result of KAUST community's proposals, distinguished speakers and experts from around the world, the region, and our own University are invited to contribute to this program to have our intellectual horizons enlarged and our collective imaginations stretched.
I would like to thank you all the WEP supporters for your participation and contribution towards making it a huge success in this fourth year of the program. 

WEP 2013 Supporters 
We would also like to thank our sponsors who have made a significant impact on the success of WEP 2013. 

WEP 2013 sponsors 
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Monday, January 14, 2013

Mathematical Modeling Camp

Location: Computer Lab Building 9 Room 2221, 2222 & 2223

Mathematical modeling camps occur across the world and aim to provide participants with a hands-on experience of mathematical modeling under the guidance of an experienced instructor. The Camp is desi ... more

Finite Element Modeling with COMSOL

Location: Computer Lab - Campus Library

A working simulation is not a confirmation that your fabricated prototype will work! The numbers you get from a simulation are not necessarily close to those measured! A simulation only approximates t ... more

Introduction to Physical Problem-Solving

Location: Building 9, classroom # 3223

For those unfamiliar with this workshop, it is a hands-on opportunity for participants to develop their physical problem-solving sensibilities. Students are exposed to practical “design thinking” skil ... more
Learning from the concepts used by green plants' photosynthesis, we have developed nano-structured systems affording efficient solar light harvesting and conversion to electricity and fuels. Solar cel ... more

Painting workshop on water theme

Location: Multi-purpose room , Discovery Square

Hands-on artistic workshop on the theme of water: Practice the techniques of using oil paint and watercolors Students will work in teams of 12 (maximum) and paint life images, outside (by the sea), o ... more

Painting workshop on water theme

Location: Multi-purpose room, Discovery Square

Hands-on artistic workshop on the theme of water: Practice the techniques of using oil paint and watercolors Students will work in teams of 12 (maximum) and paint life images, outside (by the sea), o ... more
This workshop will introduce students to the virtual world and how it can be used for problem solving with a unique perspective. Students will learn how to enter the virtual world via their avatar and ... more
This short and informal course is aimed at beginners who want to know more about the wonders of the night sky. It is divided into four classroom sessions and one observation trip in the desert. This c ... more
Part of "Paving your Road to Independence" series As part of Postdoctoral Fellow and PhD Candidate development, Prof. Aram Amassian will discuss the importance of communicating science through networ ... more
One lecture (1h) and four sessions (3h each) The event will mimic the MIT OpenCourseWare course entitled, “Build a Small Radar System Capable of Sensing Range, Doppler, and Synthetic Aperture Radar I ... more

Limestone and Lava Caves in Saudi Arabia

Location: Building 9 Room 2325 (Lecture Hall II)

General lecture on caves in Saudi Arabia, bones, artifacts and rare minerals found in them and the potential for a wide variety of scientific projects which could be carried out underground. Note: To ... more

The Development of Graduate Education in the Middle East

Location: Building 9 Room 3125

Tertiary education enrollment has increased very rapidly in North Africa and the Middle East in the past decades, including female enrollment. But the development pattern of tertiary education systems ... more

Women of Arabia: The Leaders Behind the Scenes

Location: Building 9, Room 2322: Lecture Hall 1

When I think of Arab women I find myself thinking of numerous words to describe them. At times they are known as the “mystic of Arabic poetry,” and at other times they are described as the backbone of ... more
Two lectures dedicated to 1) the heavy metal accumulation in Saudi Arabia 2) pollutant removal using algae and plants. There are many industrial sites in Saudi Arabia polluted by heavy metals and pest ... more

The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities

Location: Building 9 Room 2322 Lecture Hall I

The importance of tertiary education for economic growth and competitiveness is increasingly recognized as critical not just for middle-income and advanced countries, but also for low-income ones. Acc ... more

Sunset Boat Cruise

Location: KAUST Marina

Taking the Sunset Cruise in KAUST Harbor is one of the nicest ways to end your day or start the evening's activities. You will sail around KAUST Harbor towards the fishing village of Thuwal whilst enj ... more

Arabic Class - Beginners

Location: Building 9, Classroom # 3221

5-day Arabic course held during WEP Week 1. Students will get certification at the end of the course.

Guitar Classes - Advanced

Location: Building 20 Level 2 Rehearsal Room

Linear Improvisation for Guitarist: Rock, Jazz and Blues. How to use Modes, Scales, Pentatonics and Jazz Lines. Advanced Jazz Harmony. Advanced Playing Techniques, Plectrum and Fingerstyle. Music and ... more

Keynote - The Human Journey: A Genetic Odyssey

Location: Building 20 Auditorium

SPENCER WELLS is an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society and Frank H. T. Rhodes Class of ’56 Professor at Cornell University. He leads The Genographic Project, which is collecting ... more