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Who is WEP for?

WEP is open to all KAUST faculty, students, staff and community members. In addition, KAUST Industrial Partners, WEP Sponsors, Undergraduates from around the world (through Undergraduate Poster Competition) and In-Kingdom students from leading universities in Saudi Arabia are invited to join through a specific program.

How to Attend WEP?

  • All those who are eligible must ‘Join this Community’ on Acadox.
  • Upon viewing the schedule, you will see events are color coded into different categories.
  • Credited events can be clearly seen, so students can prioritize these.
  • Some events are for the whole community and others have limited seats and a pre-selection process.
  • Browse the schedule and select the events you wish to attend and register for them. Prior registration is mandatory; you MUST register for an event on Acadox in order to be able to attend it.

Rules for KAUST Students     

  • All students must be on campus for the duration of the WEP.
  • It is mandatory for KAUST students to register for WEP once during their studies.
  • Students must earn 40 credits and attend a minimum of 6 Keynote Lectures during one WEP.
  • Credited events include Academic, Skills, Entrepreneurship and Keynote Lectures and these are clearly identified on the schedule.
  • Should an event be cancelled, students must make every effort to register for an alternative event.
  • Should an event be cancelled at short notice (less than 7 days before event), students must still make every effort to register for an alternative event but will be awarded the credits for the cancelled event.

In Collaboration

We would like to thank KAUST Students, Faculty, Community Members, Alumni and Industrial Partners who submit proposals each year to create WEP.

We would also like to thank the WEP Review Committee, (chaired by Professor William Roberts) which considers the scientific and technological aspects of the proposals, as well as their enriching and inspiring nature and selects events for the program.

Many KAUST departments support WEP and without their work we would not be able to bring you WEP, thank you!

In addition our Sponsors generously support WEP and we owe them a huge gratitude.

Your support and contribution makes WEP what it is!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hands-on WebGL

Location: Library, Computer Lab

WebGL is an exciting new web standard for putting interactive real-time 3D content on the web. Using WebGL, developers can create web sites that leverage the compute capability of users' graphics car ... more

Synthesis of Life-Saving Medicines using Green Chemistry

Location: Bldg. 9 Classroom # 3125

The environmentally friendly industrial synthesis/production of many life-saving medicines is a very important task for pharmaceutical companies. Less waste and fewer steps to obtain the target molec ... more

3D Google MAP - Brown Bag Lecture Series

Location: Bldg. 9 Lecture Hall I# 2322

The biggest change to Google Maps since it was initially created is currently underway. With browsers and web standards becoming more and more capable, we are now able to just send the browser a vecto ... more
The Arts Global Jazz Quartet of Switzerland This great Jazz Quartet is based in Switzerland, but its members' origins are Swiss, Italian and German. The Quartet consists of a saxophone, piano, drums a ... more

Meet with Speakers - 27

Location: WEP HUB, BLDG. 9, LEVEL 2

What is WEPs greatest natural resource? The people! WEP is an opportunity to network. Make the most of this natural resource by talking to some of the most experienced, innovative, passionate people ... more

Meet with Speakers - 28

Location: WEP HUB, BLDG. 9, LEVEL 2

What is WEPs greatest natural resource? The people! WEP is an opportunity to network. Make the most of this natural resource by talking to some of the most experienced, innovative, passionate people ... more
Sponsored by SEDCO Research Excellence Awards led by Prof. Ulrich Stingl Focus on possible applications of extremophilic microorganisms from the deep-sea brine pools of the Red Sea: *Recent result on ... more

Saudi Architectural Heritage Course

Location: Bldg. 9 Classroom 3125

Study the architectural heritage of the different regions of Saudi Arabia. The course will introduce the architecture- including materials & interiors, historical backgrounds, climate, society, custom ... more

What to do with my PhD? - Putting your PhD to work

Location: Bldg. 9 Lecture Hall I# 2322

Putting your PhD to work: discovering the skills that you gained during your PhD training and making use of them. In line with KAUST’s mission to support knowledge-based economic diversification and ... more

From Real-world Systems to State-of-the-Art Technologies

Location: Spine auditorium between Bldg. 2 & Bldg. 3

Have you ever been amazed that the products an online retailer suggested to you are just what you want to buy? Do you want to know what tricks are played in the background for such intelligent recomm ... more

Angklung workshop

Location: Bldg 5. Spine Room 2252

Angklung is a traditional Indonesian musical instrument made of bamboo. In each piece, there are two tubes attached to a frame, and each has a particular pitch. Each performer in an Angklung ensemble ... more

The Mystery of Pi in the Pyramids

Location: Bldg 4 Room 5209

This lecture sheds light on the most notable wonders of the great Egyptian Pyramids over time. The topic will be approached historically, scientifically and philosophically, and will be followed by a ... more

Closing Award Cerey and Gala dinner

Location: TBA