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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) for 2015 is coming soon!

Running from January 11 to 22, The 2015 WEP program is larger and more ambitious than ever, with over one hundred events on offer.

This year’s offerings are the direct result of suggestions and event submissions from our faculty, students and community members, making WEP 2015 a program that is created by and for the entire KAUST community.

WEP 2015 features many highlights, including our keynote lectures on topics ranging from archaeology to biologically inspired design to freediving.  This year, we look at rich culture of Saudi Arabia through lectures on poetry, coinage and mining in Saudi Arabia, and present a range of art and recreational events, including a Tinga Tinga painting workshop, a 5K run, improvisation workshops and performances, a racketlon tournament and tours to Old Jeddah and the National Wildlife Center in Taif.

Finally, we’ll wrap up WEP 2015 with a closing evening gala extravaganza featuring a performance by the internationally renowned musical multimedia group Bella Gaia. 

With all these events and many more, WEP 2015 is the most exciting and lively time of the year at KAUST.

We look forward to enriching you at WEP 2015!



Sunday, January 18, 2015
To register for this event please apply here http://goo.gl/forms/pZM9zVMpxb Please note that application is only through the link above, not through this website. For a full schedule of this course ... more
Cognitive science promises to solve the greatest mystery of our age: the human brain. The brain holds the key to how we perceive the world, learn from our experiences, make the right decisions and co ... more
The Tingatinga painting workshop will be fun, exciting and rewarding to all participants. During this step-by step art workshop you will learn how to create your own amazing Tingatinga painting in bri ... more

The Ultimate Physical Limits of Privacy

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2322

Among those who make a living from the science of secrecy, worry and paranoia are just signs of professionalism. Can we protect our secrets against those who wield superior technological powers? Can w ... more

Opera Explained

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2325

Take a fascinating and interactive look into the world of opera with KAUST School performing arts teacher Louis Courtois. With KAUST soprano Tsiky Randrianantenaina, bass Daniel Binham, and pianist A ... more

The Photographic Act

Location: Bldg 12, University Library, Sea Vie

What do we photograph, Why and for what? What is the difference between taking a picture and making a photograph ? In this 4-session workshop, participants will learn to see photography as a differen ... more
With a forecasted 2.8% of its GDP invested in research and development (R&D) in 2014, the U.S. is a key player in science and technology research and helps to lead global science policy. This strong c ... more
This lecture will focus on the history, social aspects and cultural meaning of Tingatinga painting; East Africa’s most popular contemporary painting style. Eduardo Saidi Tingatinga lend his exotic an ... more
Learn more about how KAUST works towards sustainability. The key objective of this visit to the KAUST Recycle Center is to provide general awareness towards recycling, an important element of sustain ... more

Exhibit: The Mzuguno Tingatinga Miracle

Location: Bldg 12, University Library

January 18 to 24: The exhibition will showcase the latest work by Mshana, Juma, Rashid and Kipara Mzuguno, the four painter sons of the late Tanzanian master Tingatinga painter David Mzuguno. One who ... more
"Learn more about how KAUST works towards sustainability. The key objective of this visit to the KAUST Recycle Center is to provide general awareness towards recycling, an important element of sustai ... more
Modern cosmology - the theory of the evolution of the universe - was launched by Einstein's General Theory of Relativity (1916) and Hubble's discovery of the expansion of the universe (1929) - but pro ... more
In keeping with our principal WEP theme of light we are presenting a session of "Movies @ WEP" featuring a wide array of classic and contemporary movies. A.I., Artificial Intelligence (2001): In the ... more

Star Gazing

Location: Harbor Walk Way, Behind the Harbor Lybrary

Have you always wondered what is out there in the night sky? - Then this event is for you! For the first time, we bring you a planetarium to take you on a journey through space. We also have observat ... more