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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) for 2015 is coming soon!

Running from January 11 to 22, The 2015 WEP program is larger and more ambitious than ever, with over one hundred events on offer.

This year’s offerings are the direct result of suggestions and event submissions from our faculty, students and community members, making WEP 2015 a program that is created by and for the entire KAUST community.

WEP 2015 features many highlights, including our keynote lectures on topics ranging from archaeology to biologically inspired design to freediving.  This year, we look at rich culture of Saudi Arabia through lectures on poetry, coinage and mining in Saudi Arabia, and present a range of art and recreational events, including a Tinga Tinga painting workshop, a 5K run, improvisation workshops and performances, a racketlon tournament and tours to Old Jeddah and the National Wildlife Center in Taif.

Finally, we’ll wrap up WEP 2015 with a closing evening gala extravaganza featuring a performance by the internationally renowned musical multimedia group Bella Gaia. 

With all these events and many more, WEP 2015 is the most exciting and lively time of the year at KAUST.

We look forward to enriching you at WEP 2015!



Sunday, January 11, 2015
During this lecture, Billy Currie shares examples of his work and discusses how to sort, file, store, backup, etc., all your images. This is something that many people find usefully as most people hav ... more

Workshop: Basic Photography Tuition by Billy Curie

Location: ldg 4, sea view room 5209

This workshop would take the student from beginner to advance through the optimal way of talking photographs and hopefully result in everyone being happy shooting in manual and knowing how to get the ... more
Monday, January 12, 2015

Lecture: The Importance of Post Processing by Billy Curie

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2322

"When Getting It Right Isn't Enough, The Truth Lies and Myths of Photography." This lecture shows examples and explains why post processing is required and how it changes your photography. If you lik ... more
Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Workshop: Basic Post Processing Tuition by Billy Curie

Location: Bldg 9, Computer Lab 2223

This workshop is a practical computer based session using Light Room to process pictures. This event will have a limit of 15 students. If you like this topic, you may be interesting by: Lecture ... more