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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2016 Highlights

Each year, KAUST runs exciting enrichment programs in the fall, winter and spring. These one and two-week programs are open to all students, faculty and community members and feature a wide variety of engaging events.

From science and technology lectures and workshops to arts, sports and community activities, our enrichment programs offer a range of inspiring experiences for everyone at KAUST.

Beginning with a very special must-see performance on January 9 and wrapping up on January 22, the 2016 Winter Enrichment Program features over one hundred events that explore climate change and sustainability.

WEP 2016 features many highlights, including a range of keynote lectures on topics ranging from science in Hollywood films to polar exploration and the future of the energy industry. Special theme days will focus on climate change, the polar regions and the future of food, fuel and living.

Our chair for WEP 2016 is Prof. Mark Tester, Associate Director of the Center of Desert Agriculture at KAUST.

Sunday, January 10, 2016
KAUST is host to a wide range of research on new foods and agricultural methods. Seeking ways to improve the ability of plants to withstand drought and the hot and salty environment of Saudi Arabia, s ... more
The Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design week offers you a mix of lectures, workshops, group activities, experiential learning, prototyping sessions and Innovation Challenges that aims to widen you ... more

Creative Reuse Art workshop

Location: Reuse Center

Are you interested in finding new hands-on ways of re-using everyday items that are considered waste? The purpose of this workshop is to provide a learning opportunity to KAUST community to convert da ... more
This workshop is aimed at giving the student hands-on experience with designing, building and programming robotic systems. The workshop is project-based, where each team will build their own robot and ... more

Climate Policy Workshop

Location: Bldg 9, Classroom 3131

The aim of this three morning workshop is to help students understand the complexities around develop climate policies and proposals. Proposals take different forms, with different reference years, r ... more


Location: Building 9, Room 3125

Science and technology have infinite potential for solving local and global concerns. However, many scientists are unable to convey their research in a meaningful or moving way for a general audience. ... more
What constitutes “big data” and do data analytics represent an intrinsic divergence from traditional simulation? Does data science require computers differently proportioned in their architecture, wit ... more

Network with our Speakers - 1

Location: WEP Hub

What is WEPs greatest natural resource? The people! WEP is an opportunity to network. Make the most of this natural resource by talking to some of the most experienced, innovative, passionate people ... more
What are the effects of climate change on our oceans? In this seminar, four climate change experts will discuss how the marine world is reacting to threats caused by climate change and the future of ... more
Join us for the Opening Night of the 2016 Winter Enrichment Program! 5:00 p.m. Introduction to WEP Prof. Mark Tester, Chair of the Enrichment Programs 5:10 p.m. Welcome Remarks by President Dr. Jean ... more
WEP 2016 welcomes the third annual ‘Celebrate Saudi Arabia Art Competition’ – a unique opportunity for anyone in the KAUST community to present artwork celebrating Saudi Arabia. ‘Celebrate Saudi Arab ... more