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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2016 Highlights

Each year, KAUST runs exciting enrichment programs in the fall, winter and spring. These one and two-week programs are open to all students, faculty and community members and feature a wide variety of engaging events.

From science and technology lectures and workshops to arts, sports and community activities, our enrichment programs offer a range of inspiring experiences for everyone at KAUST.

Beginning with a very special must-see performance on January 9 and wrapping up on January 22, the 2016 Winter Enrichment Program features over one hundred events that explore climate change and sustainability.

WEP 2016 features many highlights, including a range of keynote lectures on topics ranging from science in Hollywood films to polar exploration and the future of the energy industry. Special theme days will focus on climate change, the polar regions and the future of food, fuel and living.

Our chair for WEP 2016 is Prof. Mark Tester, Associate Director of the Center of Desert Agriculture at KAUST.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016
The Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Design week offers you a mix of lectures, workshops, group activities, experiential learning, prototyping sessions and Innovation Challenges that aims to widen you ... more
Polar Explorers, Vijay & Hart will be offering graduate students the opportunity to participate in a specifically created for KAUST, Education through Expeditions Leadership Award. The ETE Leadership ... more

Running Academy

Location: Harbor Sports Club

If you're an avid runner or a novice, Running Academy will help you improve and enjoy your running experience. Managed by an Olympic professional runner, this academy will help both novice and experie ... more
This workshop is aimed at giving the student hands-on experience with designing, building and programming robotic systems. The workshop is project-based, where each team will build their own robot and ... more

KAUST Research Poster Competition

Location: Bldg 9, Hallway

Join KAUST graduate students and Postdocs as they present their best research in poster format, allowing you to see their work in a clearly understandable and attractive visual presentation. This even ... more
Over three morning sessions you will learn the basics of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) enabled, ultra-low power microcontrollers and use rapid prototyping tools to build a BLE-enabled device that is able ... more
This exhibition will be open from Monday, January 11 until Thursday, January 21. A special reception will be held on Monday, January 11 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm to celebrate the opening of this work. "O ... more


Location: Building 9, Room 3125

Science and technology have infinite potential for solving local and global concerns. However, many scientists are unable to convey their research in a meaningful or moving way for a general audience. ... more

Dangerous Climate Change in the Arctic: Why should we care?

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2325

This event is a brown-bag lecture - a free light lunch will be provided. This lecture is part of the Polar Day. The Arctic is the region of the world most affected and vulnerable to climate change. ... more

Network with our Speakers - 4

Location: WEP Hub

What is WEPs greatest natural resource? The people! WEP is an opportunity to network. Make the most of this natural resource by talking to some of the most experienced, innovative, passionate people ... more

Golf Tournament

Location: Safaa Golf Club

Love golf? Participate in the WEP 2016 golf tournament! This year we have two separate events you can take part in: 18 hole putting tournament: This tournament can be attempted at any time during th ... more

KAUST Polar Lecture Series

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2322

Join KAUST and International polar experts for an afternoon of lectures focused on the state of the polar caps and what the implications of their future might be. 2:00pm - 2:40pm Ozone Effects on the ... more

Running Academy

Location: Harbor Sports Club

If you're an avid runner or a novice, Running Academy will help you improve and enjoy your running experience. Managed by an Olympic professional runner, this academy will help both novice and experie ... more

Cool phytoplankton research in Antarctica

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2325

In this lecture, marine microbiologist and biological oceanographer Anne Carlijn Alderkamp looks at her research on how the physiological properties of marine microorganisms affect the marine biogeoch ... more

Arabic for Beginners

Location: Bldg 9, Lecture Hall 2322

If you've ever wanted to learn Arabic, here's your chance! This course is designed for students with either no prior knowledge of Arabic or some limited experience of studying the language. The cour ... more

Climate Change through the eyes of a Polar Explorer

Location: Bldg 20, Auditorium

Explorer Vijay Shah will deliver a keynote lecture on his expeditions to the Arctic and travels across the globe reflecting on first hand experience of how climate change is affecting the world. From ... more