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Winter Enrichment Program (WEP) 2016 Highlights

Each year, KAUST runs exciting enrichment programs in the fall, winter and spring. These one and two-week programs are open to all students, faculty and community members and feature a wide variety of engaging events.

From science and technology lectures and workshops to arts, sports and community activities, our enrichment programs offer a range of inspiring experiences for everyone at KAUST.

Beginning with a very special must-see performance on January 9 and wrapping up on January 22, the 2016 Winter Enrichment Program features over one hundred events that explore climate change and sustainability.

WEP 2016 features many highlights, including a range of keynote lectures on topics ranging from science in Hollywood films to polar exploration and the future of the energy industry. Special theme days will focus on climate change, the polar regions and the future of food, fuel and living.

Our chair for WEP 2016 is Prof. Mark Tester, Associate Director of the Center of Desert Agriculture at KAUST.

Friday, January 15, 2016
Polar Explorers, Vijay & Hart will be offering graduate students the opportunity to participate in a specifically created for KAUST, Education through Expeditions Leadership Award. The ETE Leadership ... more

Fun run

Location: Harbor Sports Club

This is fitness at its best! Everyone in the community can take part by either running for fun, walking with friends or even racing to win, just come on down and get active. Race departure will take ... more

KAUST Research Poster Competition

Location: Bldg 9, Hallway

Join KAUST graduate students and Postdocs as they present their best research in poster format, allowing you to see their work in a clearly understandable and attractive visual presentation. This even ... more
This exhibition will be open from Monday, January 11 until Thursday, January 21. A special reception will be held on Monday, January 11 from 4:00 to 6:00 pm to celebrate the opening of this work. "O ... more

Film Festival: Climate of Change (2010)

Location: Discovery Theater

Academy Award-winner Tilda Swinton narrates this documentary from acclaimed filmmaker Brian Hill (Songbirds) focusing on the efforts of everyday people all over the world who are making a difference i ... more

Film Festival: Divide in Concord (2014)

Location: Auditorium (building 20)

Divide in Concord' is a feature-length documentary that follows the entertaining tale of banning bottled water in small town America. In 1775, Concord patriots fired the infamous "shot heard round th ... more

Field Trip: Stargazing in the Arabian desert

Location: Al Wahbah Crater

Attending the two-day morning course WEP910 (http://www.acadox.com/class/23148) is a pre-requisite to this field trip. Only a limited number of participants who complete the course will be able to be ... more

Film Festival: ThuleTuvalu (2014)

Location: Bldg 20, Auditorium

Two places at the edge of our planet are making headlines due to climate change: Thule, Greenland, because of record ice melts there; and Tuvalu, because this remote Pacific island nation is one of th ... more

Film Festival: The Mother Grain (2014)

Location: Discovery Theater

The Mother Grain' is a photo-book and documentary project about the rapid rise in popularity of quinoa and is focused on the lives and methods of the local Aymara and Quechua Bolivian farmers, who are ... more

Golf Tournament

Location: Safaa Golf Club

Love golf? Participate in the WEP 2016 golf tournament! This year we have two separate events you can take part in: 18 hole putting tournament: This tournament can be attempted at any time during th ... more
This documentary from the Post-Carbon Institute in California, led by Richard Heinberg, deals with the fact that our way of life based on fossil fuels is not sustainable and highligt the importance of ... more

Film Festival: Interstellar - An additional screening

Location: Bldg 20, Auditorium

If you missed the opening of the 2016 Winter Enrichment Film Festival showing the Oscar-winning Hollywood blockbuster 'Interstellar', you'll have the opportunity to catch up with this additional scree ... more

Farmers Market: Farm to Fork

Location: Discovery Square and the Multipurpose Room

The KAUST Farmers Market, part of the sustainable food movement, will feature locally sourced produce, nuts, seeds, honey, and fresh fish for purchase. Sponsored by the KAUST Food and Service Departme ... more

WEP Film Festival: Soylent Green (1973)

Location: Discovery Theater

We are excited to host the annual WEP Film Festival, featuring a curated selection of 20 films focused on Science, Climate Change and Environment. In a densely overpopulated, starving New York City o ... more

Film Festival: Chasing Ice (2012)

Location: Discovery Theater

We are excited to host the annual WEP Film Festival, featuring a curated selection of 20 films focused on Science, Climate Change and Environment. In the spring of 2005, acclaimed environmental photo ... more