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New students

Rules for KAUST Students

  • All students (MS & PhD) participate in WEP for credit at least once during their studies at KAUST.
  • The strict deadline to complete your WEP registration for credits is Tuesday, November 21 at 12:00 p.m.
  • New students must register for and attend at least 30 Credits of credited events. 
  • New Students must register to all 10 Keynotes of WEP 2018.
  • New Students must register and attend the Student Breakfast Orientation and Opening Night; Lights On!
  • Some workshops may require attendance at more than one session. These sessions must be attended in full to obtain credit.
  • If an event is cancelled an email announcement will be sent to enrolled participants regarding event replacement.
  • Credit attendance will be confirmed by an electronic ID scanning at events.
  • Students who do not complete their attendance requirements for WEP do not graduate.
  • If you decide you will not attend an event you have registered for, be sure to visit the event listing online and unregister.
  • After WEP 2018, students will have until Thursday, February 1 to claim any missed credits. There will be no exceptions.

Event times & Locations 
Please check your event schedule, as event times and location may have changed. If you can no longer attend an event, make sure to check your schedule and de-register, so other people can attend the event.

Event Requirements
IDs will be scanned for credited events.

If you are attending WEP for credit purposes, make sure you have registered for all 10 keynote lectures, Opening Night; Lights On! and the Student Breakfast Orientation on January 14, AND an additional 30 credits worth of events. Remember that your 30 credits must be completed at a single WEP program and cannot be completed across more than one program/year. If you have any issues making sure you have enough credited events make sure you pass by the WEP offices at Building 16, Level 3, Rooms 3810 and the WEP team will assist you. 

Make sure you arrive 20 minutes before all keynotes lectures and all other lectures and workshops. This is to make sure your registration is recorded for credit purposes and your ID is scaned. 

Please note that we will not record registrations for events after the event starts. If you are attending consecutive events make sure you leave in time to make registration for the next event.

During WEP 13 - 25 January 2018

If you have any technical issues / questions / concerns, email us at contactwep@kaust.edu.sa or stop by the WEP Offices in the lobby of Building 20.