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WEP 2019 Speaker: Adam Magyar


Photo: (C) Adam Magyar

"I would like people to feel the relentlessness of time than the thing that is going on"

Artist Adam Magyar is a Berlin-based Hungarian photographer and video artist captivated by high-tech cities. Adam finds innovative ways to use technology to observe life, which led him to capture the passage of time and freeze it into still photographs and videos. Using modified or self-built high-tech digital tools and cameras that “see” what the human eye cannot see and the human nature rarely perceives, he has created mesmerizing representations of speeding subway trains and of flows of people on busy sidewalks.

Adam is currently at KAUST studying the settings of an upcoming KAUST exhibit for WEP 2019. Also, Adam will take part in a Time and Creativity panel discussion and will give a lecture during WEP 2019. Watch “Why Time Needs to Slow Down” – Interview with Adam Magyar.

Registration to the 2019 Winter Enrichment Program ‘TIME’ will open on November 25 to the entire KAUST Community. Visit the Enrichment Office website to discover more about WEP 2019.