Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Location: Campus

INSIDE YOU 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM LOCATION: Campus Spine (building 4)   A secret world lives on, in, and all around you. Meet the human microbiome  Your body is home to trillions of ba ... more

Masterclass: Lab to Film 5/5

Location: Spine Auditorium between Buildings 4 & 5

By Basma Abdulkarim | Todd Nims | Yaser Binabdulrahman

An offering with a pre-registration process Make your research meaningful for a general audience Science and technology have infinite potential for solving local and global concerns. However, many s ... more
Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Theory and Applications  About this masterclass  This masterclass will train students in theory and applications of machine learning and artif ... more

Creative Tactics for Communicating Science - Advanced 2/2

Location: Spine Auditorium between Buildings 2 & 3

By Benjamin Stevens | Nicholas Demille

An offering with a pre-selection process Communicating science has become an integral part of a scientist’s research cycle. According to UNESCO, there are more than 7 million scientists and res ... more
Tim Blais is a Canadian science communicator. He explains scientific topics via writing and performing a capella parodies of popular music which he records and posts on his YouTube channel, ... more
Lecture by Paolo Falcaro, Professor in Bio-based Materials Technology at the Graz University of Technology.  ABOUT THIS EVENTA recent development in Metal-organic Framework (MOF) research i ... more

Elastic Search for Better Personalized Health

Location: Spine Auditorium between Buildings 2 & 3

By Ali Raza | Maxat Kulmanov | Nasser Mohiuddin | Zulfikhar Mohammed

Academic Lecture by Ali Raza - Software Developer in the Bio-Ontology Research Group at KAUST Computational Bioscience Research Center (CBRC), Maxat Kulmanov - Ph.D. Candidate in the Bio-Ont ... more
An offering with a pre-registration process Metabolomics presents a snapshot of the metabolic dynamics that reflect the response of the human body to pathophysiological stimuli and/or genetic modific ... more

New Porous Hybrid Materials in Biomedicine

Location: Building 9 Lecture hall 2

By Christian Serre

Lecture by Christian Serre, highly cited scientist and Chemistry Research Director at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Paris and ESPCI. ABOUT THIS LECTURE Within the past few d ... more

Undergraduate Poster Competition Exhibition - Jan. 22

Location: Library - Level 2

KAUST is excited to present its annual International Poster Competition. Everyone is welcome to attend the exhibit as undergraduate students from around the world present their best research in a po ... more

Do We Have a Chance to Win the Battle Against the Superbugs Menace?

Location: Building 20, Auditorium

By Hosam Zowawi

Lecture by Hosam Mamoon A. Zowawi, Honorary Fellow, UQ Centre for Clinical Research at The University of Queensland, a 2014 Rolex Awards for Enterprise young laureate, and a Next Genera ... more

Farmers Market

Location: Discovery Square

The KAUST Farmers Market, part of the sustainable food movement, will feature on Wednesday 22, Thursday 23, and Friday 24 locally sourced produce, nuts, seeds, honey, and fresh fish for purchase.  ... more
A keynote lecture by Mark Kendall, Entrepreneurial Professor at the Australian National University. Industrial revolutions are defined by both the technological advances that drive them and the ... more

The Cave

Location: Cinema Theater, Discovery Square

By Abdulrahman H Sandokji | Hosam Zowawi

We are excited to host the 2020 WEP Film Festival, where renowned scientists will introduce and lead discussions for a range of educational documentaries and fictional film screenings related to this ... more