TEDxKAUST True Grit | April 10, 2021

We are thrilled to announce that the next TEDxKAUST event will take place on Saturday, April 10, 2021, under the theme True Grit. TEDxKAUST True Grit will be a student-led event sponsored by the Enrichment Office. 


What is True Grit?

Grit is the sustained application of effort towards a long-term goal. It is the most significant predictor of lifelong achievement. Having true grit is to stick to your goals and persevere despite the obstacles you face along the way. It is a sustained application of effort to accomplish one's purpose.


What is the idea behind this theme?

#1 Perseverance and passion for long-term goals: To accomplish long-term goals, one must persevere and find the motivation for what they want to achieve. They can create a dynamic blueprint of the road they will follow to reach their end goal. These roads are riddled with small incremental short-term goals, which are as important as the final breakthrough.

#2 Growth mindset: Advancement in science and technology is accomplished through constant learning and accepting unanswered questions. A growth mindset embraces effort as the path to face diverse challenges in all aspects of an individual's life.

#3 Guts and Resilience: Manage the fear of failure: The road to success is never an easy path, a person must fail to learn, but a lot of people are afraid of failure; therefore, we need to know to control that fear and use it as a step to success wither in research, technology or our personal lives.

What’s next?

We want to thank the whole KAUST community for their speaker’s nominations. We have received over 50 submissions! The TEDxKAUST committee will review the proposals and will get in touch soon with the potential speakers.



The University's second TEDx event took place on Saturday, August 31, 2019. TEDxKAUST featured six inspiring speakers, including faculty, staff, students, and community members, and was sponsored by the Office of Enrichment Programs. The theme, Driving Force, focused on pioneering inspiring ideas by exceptional individuals in their communities. The talks presented aimed at encouraging our audience and viewers to unleash their potential for the betterment of the world. 

Visit the TEDxKAUST website to learn more about this event.


If you have questions, please email enrichment.management@kaust.edu.sa 

TEDxKAUST will be brought to you by KAUST’s Student Graduate Council, and it is sponsored by the Enrichment Office.