Strategic Sponsor Keynote Lecture


The Evolving Threat Landscape, and Cybersecurity Methodology for The Digital Era by Eng. Osama Al-Zoubi, Chief Technology Officer, Cisco Middle East and Africa.

We now live in the digital era, where no industry is immune to digital disruption. The perfect storm is upon us, and organizations must take full advantage of it. Most CIOs are expected to “doing more with less”; fueled by digital transformation, major technology transformations, such as Artificial Intelligence, connectivity, 5G, IoT, big data, cloud, blockchain, x-reality, quantum computing; all of that and much more are compounding the complexity and cost challenge for IT; consequently, the cybersecurity challenges are exponentially growing, which requires transformative approach for threat mitigation and solution. During this session, we will explore the ever-changing threat landscape and the evolving world of cybersecurity; we will talk about solutions and architectures that will enable organizations to deal with the new reality.

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