Key Visual Design Contest


The Key Visual contest offers current students and recent graduates at In-Kingdom universities with an interest in Graphic Design a unique opportunity to contribute to one of KAUST’s signature programs, the Winter Enrichment Program (WEP). 

The students will compete to produce the best creative branding design for the theme of WEP 2024, Digital Adventure – the ride to the future. 

The winning design will be used as the key visual design for WEP 2024. It will be utilized in all WEP 2024 printed and digital marketing materials.  It will be utilized in all WEP 2024 printed and digital marketing materials. The winner will be able to include this into his/her portfolio, receive a prize of 5,000 SAR, attend WEP 2024 at KAUST, and will be awarded their winner's certificate during WEP.



WEP is a signature program for KAUST that brings together the world's greatest thinkers and leaders at the intersection of academia, research, culture, and innovation. The program's mission is to inspire and inform the University's students, in-Kingdom guests, and other participants with lively and engaging events, projects, and talks, enabling our students to think beyond the borders of their traditional disciplines. Since 2010, 1630 eminent international guest speakers, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, academics, distinguished local and regional leaders, and decision-makers have addressed the audience.  

The theme for WEP 2024 is Digital Adventure – ride to the future.

 ABOUT THE THEME "Digital Advent

We stand on the threshold of an era of perhaps the most rapid change in human history, with artificial intelligence the keystone in the development of smart cities, smart health, quantum computing, virtual reality, the metaverse, and more.   

WEP 2024 will explore this AI-infused future across four interrelated zones: health and wellness; environment; energy; and economics of the future.  How are the ambitions of AI-empowered smart health, smart treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, and drug development being realized?   What support can AI provide in tackling environmental challenges?  How will the economics of the future manifest themselves, and what are their likely impacts?  Will our energy demands be eased by the application of AI?  And alongside all of this, how do we ensure AI is the stuff of dreams, not nightmares? 

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Enrolled and recent graduate students at In-Kingdom universities with an interest in Graphic Design 



  • Simplicity, creativity, impactful, and uniqueness  
  • Alignment to the concept of the theme Digital Adventure and detailed brief   
  • Aesthetic, artistic sense   
  • Inclusion of main design requirements   
  • Considering the main principles of design 


  • 5,000 SAR cash for the winner 
  • Invitation to attend WEP 2024​ for the winner 
  • Invitation to meet the KAUST Science Illustration Team​ for the top five entries


Read the Key Visual Design Contest booklet to understand the requirements and what needs to be included in your creative design: 



Competition Opens 

April 2

Design & Submission 

June 13

Selection & Judging 

June 14 -21 

Winner announced  

June 22


January 7



  1. Read the Key Visual Design Contest brochure to understand the requirements  
  2. Download Design Materials
  3. Prepare the concept brief of your design 
  4. Use this mockup to add your design 
  5. Submit your design here


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